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  • Considering next steps in programming

    I have only recently begun taking my fitness seriously (joined gym in Dec, started lifting in Mar) and not sure what I should do right now. I'm still aiming to lose a fair amount of weight, but I started an LP in Mar (Phrak's GSLP from Reddit) and am only down 5 pounds. I have been tracking calories and trying to pull them back some the last month as I was mainly at maintenance before. So far I haven't tested my 1RM, but for 3 sets of 5 I have done 205lbssquat, 150bench, 235dl at my current 220lbs (5'11 with a 42" waist). I hear you guys talk about the numbers you see people get to from SS, so not sure how well those translate to the program I'm on, but I imagine that I can still get decent progress out of these lifts now. This past week was the first time I failed to add weight and still complete the full sets, and seeing people talk about their experiences with Phraks they had to reset from plateaus multiple times in the 3 months they were on it. I figure this was me just being too conservative on my starting weights. My question to you guys is should I stick with the LP for another month or so, or do I just run it til the next reset occurs and move on? Alternately, I could just move on now to something like the bridge (been reading the program book while I've had downtime) or one of the new templates (see you recommend the powerlifting/hypertrophy programs for people like me looking to lose weight).

    Any thoughts and feedback are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Thanks for the post!

    We would not recommend continuing to run LP of any variety once it stops working, which you've just demonstrated. I would not recommend resetting multiple times either. Just move on. You also have weight to lose, as you note and I think there are better programming options out there to support your needs and goals. I would recommend our Beginner Template over The Bridge.

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