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12 week strength template - repeat whole program vs extend development block vs ... ?

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  • Austin Baraki
    Sure, it's suitable for repeating -- particularly if you respond well to it the first time around.

    As for extending the developmental block -- it's hard to give you a specific recommendation with much confidence, not knowing much about you. The 8 week idea is probably reasonable ... I wouldn't recommend 12-16+ weeks without significant modifications that would need to be made on an individual basis, however.

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  • 12 week strength template - repeat whole program vs extend development block vs ... ?

    Hi, just started this program at week 1, after the free bridge program. Instantly feel that I LOVE THIS PROGRAM. The combination of a single + volume afterwards is fun. Question one that immediately enters my mind: Is it suitable for repeating? How many times at most before getting ridiculous?

    I don't have any meet aspirations, but setting PRs is always fun. But it's not a priority. If, over the next year or two, I get further(stronger) by not peaking, not testing, just grinding, that's fine. That leads to my second question - given this, would it be a good idea to repeat the development block over, say, 8 weeks instead of 4? 12? 16?

    What I mean is, given my mindset, and IF repeating the program is a good idea, do you have any suggested modifications, or should I just repeat the complete program?

    FWIW, 40+ family man (small kids), home gym, spent 18 months in and out of SSLP-ish training, with several month long pauses, getting back to previous strength, then new pause etc. Finally getting to a place (kids getting older etc) where I have continouity. 1RMs at 180/150/120/75kg = 400/330/265/165lbs deads/squat/bench/press.