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    Greetings BBM,
    I need some help preventing calf cramps when doing a 10K long obstacle course race. Last year I did this OCR with very little running beforehand and got bad calf cramps about 4 miles in. This year I spent a lot of time running, 10 weeks worth, and felt confident I was going to be fine this time around. However, I still had bad calf cramps starting at 4.5 miles in. They get really really bad to where I can hardly walk, let alone run. I suppose the jumping and other demands from the obstacles was too much for me. I was very frustrated about it, since I felt like I wasted so much time running and the cramps were just as bad as when I had done virtually no running the year before. I really don't care to run 10+ miles per week for several weeks just to get these cramps anyways, so what should I do in terms of resistance training to help with this? Specifically, how would you recommend adding calf work into Hypertrophy 1? I'm in Week 4 right now. After this I'm probably going to run Strength I.

    I know you guys aren't necessarily running or OCR experts, but everywhere else I look mentions hydration and electrolyte status, which I already know doesn't really matter for this. So I'm looking for a more evidence-based approach

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    This sounds like a conditioning and fatigue management issue. I do not think RT for your calves, hydration, or electrolyte status are likely to help for this. I would advise more conditioning, particularly with some hill runs worked in.

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