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Splitting Powerbuilding 1 into 5 days?

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  • Jordan Feigenbaum

    Thanks for the post and glad to hear you're doing well!

    I think your plan looks okay, though I wonder about the back to back DL and Squat days in that order. Conversely, our typical recommendations include a heavy squat day prior to a heavy deadlift day on our 4 day splits so maybe this works just fine. Let us know!

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  • Mr.Quindazzi
    started a topic Splitting Powerbuilding 1 into 5 days?

    Splitting Powerbuilding 1 into 5 days?

    Hello most excellent BBM people. Thank you for all your help and advice over the last 9 months. 1 pound from my target of 190 as of yesterday.

    After finishing HLM I did a couple of pivot weeks mostly because the end of the school year gets pretty crazy- didn't miss any training days but stopped squatting to let my knees recover.

    Trying to figure out my best approach combining Powerbuilding I with recreational cycling.Hoping to build in enough recovery time between squats/deadlifts and the big bike ride.

    Here's what I came up with:

    Wed: Day 1A Squat 1, OHP
    Thursday: Day 1B (RDLs) (moved forward so it isn't the day after deadlifts)
    Fridayay 2 Comp Bench, Safety Bar Squat, Rows
    Sat : Off
    Sunday: Long bike ride (These are usually RPE 9/10)
    Mon: Day 3A : CG Bench, Dumbbell press
    Tuesday 3B: Deadlift (Trying to deadlift day after a hard ride is very difficult, so I moved it forward)

    Scattered in are bi, tris, upper back, abs as per PB1 template and usually 2 low stress bike rides

    ┬┐Bueno o no bueno?