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Reset to NLP on deadlifts after injury?

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  • Reset to NLP on deadlifts after injury?

    So my back is feeling better and I was actually able to pull 225 on deadlifts for 4x5 @ 8. Considering a couple weeks ago I pulled 405 and last weekend I couldn’t unload a 45 off the bar things are going great. I am on week two of my third go at the 12 week press. Should I add an extra deadlift day since I’ve pretty much regressed to NLP for that lift or just progress as programmed? Also I am fairly sure I initially tweaked my back when I lowered the weight. Specifically the moment it hit the ground. Not sure why this would be? I am using a different bar and plates but I measured and it’s the same height. Although the new bar is generic and has a lot of whip compared to my OPB.

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    Thanks for the post and I'm glad to hear your back is doing better. I wouldn't reset to LP in this case (or ever), as you can take the load up as your performance allows within the program you're running.

    I don't think the bar and plate difference contributed to this back pain incident. Rather, fatigue was a bit too high or you were just unlucky. Carry on!

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