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  • Jordan/Austin Need your guidance

    Yo Jordan/Austin I recently found about you guys and Ive got to say that you are both awesome because you are not only doing theory you also back it up with awesome lifts. Now on topic I really want to buy a program from you guys but I'll need your help. I will start taking boxing classes 3d/week because I want to learn a new skill and vastly improve my conditioning but also I want to keep getting stronger on squats/deads/bench/press/pull ups/chins, ive been training for couple of years but only trained seriously the last 2. Im doing a 3d/week full body program like a modified SS so if I combined with boxing classes and 3d/week heavy lifting will it be overkill or should i reduce the frequency to twice a week and if thats the case do you guys have 2 days a week program? Whats the best course of action?

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    Thanks for the post and nice job so far!

    I don't think boxing classes at that level are likely to significantly affect your training. I'd recommend the General S/C template in this case and not reduce frequency.

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