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Slight RPE modification to better understand singles @ 8

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  • Slight RPE modification to better understand singles @ 8

    Hello BBM crew,

    Quick question, I've been having a hard time really nailing down the feel/speed of a single @ RPE 8 (currently on Bridge 3.0). I am one of the group who tends to have a first rep that feels subjectively more difficult than subsequent reps, so I was wondering if it would be worthwhile or possibly detrimental to replace the [email protected] with [email protected] on the last few weeks of this program in place of increasing the RPE of the following prescribed set as per the program (trying not to give away too many details). I have a hunch that it will be easier to subjectively place the second rep @ 9 than the single @ 8.


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    Thanks for the post and your business

    I don't think I would recommend that, as it changes the programming a bit too much for my liking. Rather, I would advise hitting a 1 @ 7 and 1 @ 8 to give yourself another data point to work from. In other words, let's say 300 was your planned 1 @ 8. I'd hit 285 x 1 before and see how it felt. If it felt like a 7 or 7.5, I'd go up to 300 for the planned 1 @ 8. If 285 felt way easy- I'd bump up the 1 @ 8 to 305 or so.

    That's what I'd do.

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