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Template recommendation? (Comp dead substitute)

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  • Template recommendation? (Comp dead substitute)

    Hi, BBM team.

    I’m gonna get one of your templates in several weeks.
    *brief training history of mine : I’ve done LP for a month, and bridge 1.0 for two mesocycles

    For some reason, I had to change gym.
    Since my “new” gym that I’ve purchases membership too soon seems that I cannot perform “competive deadlift”(My assumption,tho. Commercial gym , no deadlift platform, no rubber ground, only 2 yoga matts available)
    I have no choice other than abandon deadlift temporarily for 5 months.
    My goal is pure hypertrophy. I would appreciate some weight record, but I can live without that.

    Bottom line is , can hypertrophy ll substitute comp deadlift? Or should I get beginner template instead?

    Thx for sharing wisdom, in advance.

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    Thanks for the post!

    I would do the hypertrophy I template 1st and pick a pulling variation you can do Hypertrophy II can be ran after that, sure.

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