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Fixing weak point: squat

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  • Fixing weak point: squat

    Hi again

    I am suffering from having a bad squat. It is probably due to a combination of having torn an ACL, doing stupid programs and prioritizing other lifts and having returning shoulder pain (currently battling this) that keeps me from being consistent with my squatting. It has always been my weakest lift and whenever I have taken breaks from lifting, cut weight or thought about anything but squatting my squat declines far more than my press or my deadlift which are my stronger lifts.
    My deadlift is around an e1RM of 200 kgs while my squat is around 130 kgs.

    Anyway, enough squat sob story. Do you have any recommendations for improving a lacking squat? I did the Bridge (the free version on your site) and have transitioned (after a deload week and two weeks of doing another program) into Powerbuilding I while cutting a little weight (going 87.5 kgs to 82 or so). I suspect that I should just suck it up, eat more and do a program with more squat bias after the Powerbuilding I program. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Thanks for the post and I hope you're having a good weekend.

    I would basically see how your squat does with the PB I programming. Sure, it'll be confounded by the weight loss a bit, but some stock advice about what to do with your squat would look a lot like that program first and then I'd see how you do.

    Positive thinking, my man.

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