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  • Training Direction After International Move

    I'm moving to Asia from 'murica in a couple months and, given the pretty significant lifestyle changes that come along with that, would like some advice on how to plan training. I'm still super early on, so it's kind of whatever, but I'm gonna ask anyway.

    At present, I've been lifting for about 16 weeks and will be at exactly 24 the week I fly out. I'm gonna pull some yolo singles that week and expect to hit numbers that will be psychologically satisfying enough to proceed in directions that might yield short-term 1rm strength losses. So far, I've run SSLP, Bridge 1.0, and will finish GS&C at the time of the move. I was planning on running Powerbuilding I, but my diet is going to change... substantially. Between that and the stress, I'm likely going to lose a substantial amount of weight (I could stand to lose 20 lbs or so) and I'm wondering if Hypertrophy I might be a better idea. My reasoning is that elevated stress will get along better with hypertrophy than strength and, given the weight loss, Hypertrophy I would better combat potential muscle loss (I can't lose my gainz, bruh - I kinda got traps now).

    Long term, I wanna get, like, pretty strong. I'm fresh in the game, so I could probably just run Powerbuilding I and II for a year straight and be fine, but I like to have a plan. Thanks.

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    Hope the move goes well my friend!

    I would do either PB 1 or Hypertrophy I (or II if you have the time) in this setting probably! You get some extra volume, less mentally taxing training, more conditioning, and still have a good base to jump back into some strength work from there.

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