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Best way to get started with BBM training and nutrition.

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  • Best way to get started with BBM training and nutrition.


    I'm 54, 6' 1", 47" belly, 280lbs

    I've been doing SSNLP for about 4 months now and I'm pretty beat up. Fatigued, sore, etc.

    I followed the idea of getting strong first and worrying about fat loss later but I'm not really happy in the way things are going. I am a bit stronger but I'm still out of shape and easily winded.

    What would be my best option to get started with BBM?

    a) Beginner Template
    b) Beginner Template + Nutrition Coaching
    c) Monthly Group Programming
    d) Monthly Group Programming + Nutrition Coaching

    I think I'm eventually interested in one-on-one programming+nutrition but I wanted a way to get introduced to the BBM way of doing things and see if it's a good fit.

    Thank you,

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    For training I'd start with the beginner template on your own for now.

    With respect to nutrition, we have lots of free resources available on our website, youtube, and this forum (including ), but if you'd like one-on-one guidance for nutrition, coaching is a good option as well.
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