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Drop an intermediate program in favour of The Bridge as an early intermediate?

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  • Austin Baraki
    If the program is working well for you so far, I don't see why you'd switch to something else right now.

    Once it stops working, I'd probably move on to a different template, as the basic setup of the program is fairly similar to the Bridge.

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  • Drop an intermediate program in favour of The Bridge as an early intermediate?

    Hey BBM,

    I recently discovered this general strength training template Jordan put out for Scivation a while back. I've been doing the program for a month now and have actually gotten pretty decent results so far, esp on my bench and deadlift. I've just completed SSLP so I am an early intermediate and have just discovered The Bridge... Should I stop following this program for now and revisit after I've done The Bridge? If not, is there any point in doing The Bridge after the Scivation program?

    By Jordan Feigenbaum Hey there! I was contacted by Scivation a few months back to come up with a series of workouts geared toward improving strength, as this is right in my wheelhouse. They’ll be releasing the workouts on their Instagram little by little, but I wrote a longer article to explain the how and whys of the program for those who are interested. First, let’s get to the workouts. I’ve initially programmed three workouts per week that we’ll run for the first month before adjusting some of the variables for optimal progress: Workout 1 Competition Squat x 1 @...