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    I am currently running the Strength I template and am in Week 2 of it right now. I have a meet that I would like to lift in that is scheduled to be four weeks after I have finished the Strength I template. I have seen recommendations on here for repeating certain weeks of other templates, however, I am a special snowflake and think that there is probably a different set of weeks on this program that would need to be repeated (assuming I do not need to basically just peak again). Which of the weeks would be the best to repeat in order to maximize my strength at the meet? AND how does one go about deciding which weeks of a program are best for repeating to maximize strength without detraining or generating too much unnecessary fatigue? I understand to an extent this could be individualized.


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    I'm not sure I can answer your questions specific to you because I do not know you and how you respond to training/are responding to training. But in this scenario I would repeat the first 4 weeks probably, as I defer to spending more time developing strength rather than testing it.

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      Originally posted by Jordan Feigenbaum
      I defer to spending more time developing strength rather than testing it.

      Simple yet somewhat profound statement.