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Into great wide open: trying different things

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  • Into great wide open: trying different things

    Hi Drs.
    I wanted to post this as a comment on the SS article but comments are closed:

    What do you think about people trying TM for some period of time before switching over to the bridge or another of your volume based programs?

    I'm one of those who craves simplicity, and while I can follow the rationality behind your programs, I worry about my own adherence to a more complex program.

    Is there any risk to trying the simple thing first? Is there an amount of time you might suggest giving to such a trial? I don't know how I would measure success but hopefully I'd know it when I see it.

    If trial and error isn't so terrible, which would be a "harder" transition: trying TM and switching to high volume or trying high volume and switching to TM?


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    We typically say that adults are free to do whatever they'd like.

    There are no significant risks that I'd be worried about here.
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