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To LP, or Not To LP, That Is The Question

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  • To LP, or Not To LP, That Is The Question

    Hi everyone at BBM!

    Background: My barbell training progression has been pretty haphazard so far - this time last year, i'd really not done any. Then i discovered Sir Alan of Thrall on the interwebz, and embarked on his Basic programme. 15 weeks later i'd added:
    • 22.5 kg to my DL
    • 15 kg to my Bench
    • 43.5 kg to my Squat and
    • 15 kg to my Press
    However, Alan's programme isn't a Linear Progression, and is time-capped at 15 weeks, rather than taken to the point where it's really difficult to make further GainzZz wrt adding weight to the bar, so i may still have some novice-effect left to play with

    I followed this up with some good progress on Bridge v2.0, which i decided to run twice back-to-back

    Unfortunately, my training over the last 3 months has been heavily disrupted, and my numbers are down from where i'd hope them to be, so ...

    Question: Would this be a good point to actually complete the SSLP, and genuinely realize all my Novice GainzZz? And if so, does it make sense to start it at Phase 1?

    Thanks for your advice and support!

    • 56yo Male
    • 5' 10"
    • 85.6 kg/188.7 lbs
    • 39.5" waist
    • Current Training Goals: 1. Reduce BF, 2. Get Stronger & Healthier
    The Lie of Freedom - Just another Straw Pulled at Random

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    If you have not really been training for the last 3 months, a short run at a LP is certainly a reasonable option. You might not run it long, especially if you also need to keep your calories in check in order to decrease your waist size a bit. But the thing to do now is to start the LP, track your food intake so you can adjust it as needed, and know that you will be able to make progress for a bit.


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      Thanks Leah!
      The Lie of Freedom - Just another Straw Pulled at Random