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Clarification about "The Bridge"

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  • Clarification about "The Bridge"

    1.) On the program your prescribe GPP days, on these days you mention cardio like rowing or assault bike. My gym doesnt have a prowler, rowing machine or any of that stuff. It has a treadmill, stair machine, bicycles and ellipticals, which one would u suggest if not any of those 4.
    2.) Never on the program you mention Pendlay Rows, all you mention is Barbell Rows and I know these two are not the same and nor are done the same way. On the chapter "Movement Clarification" you tell us how to do Pendlay Rows but not Barbell Rows. Am I gonna do the ones you tell us to do i.e start over mid foot, extend knees slightly, then row to the lower sternum or barbell rows as written in the program itself?
    3.) If it was a typing mistake (which normally happens and I don't blame any of you two), on Pendlay/Barbell Rows, do I do both the eccentric and concentric part of the lift or only the concentric?
    4.) I know the bar when doing rows, we start off of the ground, after each rep, do I start again from the ground or is the bar never touching the ground until the whole set is finished?
    5.) On GPP days, you mention isometric ab exercise for 7 minutes. By isometric, do you mean like doing for example: 2x2m plank, 1 minute side plank on each side and then 1 minute of ab wheel roll out which in total is 7 minutes?
    These were my questions. Thanks!

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    1. The bike would be the best option here.
    2. You should do Penally Rows as those are the rows actually explained for you. :-) We tend to just call them rows sometimes.
    4. For Penally Rows, the bar is returned to the ground and starts there for each rep.
    5. Sure that works.


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      What about repeating "The Bridge"?


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        If you got good results the first time, go for it.
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