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    Hi BBM team,

    I'm in week 7 of running The Bridge 1.0. I've enjoyed it but am wondering what direction to head in next. My goals at this point are gaining strength, and I'm only interested in hypertrophy to the extent that it is either a cause or effect of lifting heavier in the powerlifts. That said, I've spent most of the last few years doing iterations of various LPs, haven't trained specifically for hypertrophy in as long as I can remember, and I wonder if there might be some strength-related benefit of mixing some more bodybuilding elements into my routine. Any thoughts on whether Strength I or Powerbuilding I (or something else altogether) would be the best next step for me? For what it's worth, I'm 43, 178 pounds, with a 84.5 cm waist.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Powerbuilding I would be the recommended next step

    Cheers, Paul.
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