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  • Supersetting for gains

    I'm not sure if this has been answered before, but what do you guys think of supersets? I know that you've mentioned before that the only benefit it can really have is saving time in the gym but do you think asides from that it can be more effective to building muscle in comparison to lifting heavier with one movement at a time?

    Please note: I'm not talking about supersetting one of the compound lifts with another movement. I'm referring to supersetting isolation movements back to back (ex: barbell curls with tricep pushdowns).

    Thank you!

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    They can be useful at driving hypertrophy secondary to more metabolic stress when people have acclimated to an existing training program. We use them strategically after 6-8 weeks of other hypertrophy protocols, but not for very long because at that point you're really getting some diminishing returns and would be better served by altering your course.
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