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What to do when you fail reps using percentages?

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  • What to do when you fail reps using percentages?

    Hey BBM team, hope you're doing well,
    currently I'm running the new Powerbuilding II template, so far it has been awesome can't complain, today I did Day 2 of Week 7, so I had to do Strict Press for one AMRAP set at 70%E1RM and then three back off sets of 12 reps with 63%; it results I did 31.5kg for 13 reps at RPE 9.5-10, so the back off sets needed to be at 30.5kg, I did the first back off set and achieved 12 reps at RPE 10, the following set I did same weight but only was able to do 10 reps at RPE 10, on the last set I didn't know what to do, I was doubtful if I should reduce the weight or use the same weight even though that probably was going to fail before 12 reps. So I reduced the weight by around ~5%, and even with that, I wasn't able to complete the 12 reps. So my question is, what is the procedure when you reach failure and can't complete the prescribed volume? With RPE is easy to adjust, but with percentages I'm kinda lost,

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    I wouldn't do anything about this particular situation, as it's fine. That said, -7% from 31.5 would be closer to 29kg and if you faileda set, I'd go lighter on the next one.

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