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For Austin and others: Cold weather garage gyms

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  • For Austin and others: Cold weather garage gyms

    Austin and others,

    I noticed on Instagram during that last bitter cold snap that Austin had avoided training in his garage gym and used other facilities instead. I have a garage gym also, similar to Austin's, and that long cold snap was the final straw for me.

    I thought I would share quickly what I did. Very inexpensive, and has made a world of difference for training comfort, even for days when it only gets into the 40's. Basically I installed a garage heater, link below listed for what I purchased from Cost was $140 for the heater. It requires a dedicated 240v 30A circuit, which I ran myself. Cost for the wire, conduit in the garage, and outlet was about $50. So about $200 total for the entire thing. Having the circuit installed by electrician probably would have cost me another $150 or so. Still not expensive.

    The heater has a remote control, and is easy to turn on and off. I train in the morning usually, when the garage is the coldest after sitting all night. So I set the temperature at 55 degrees overnight, just enough to keep the extreme chill knocked off and keep all that steel from getting cold. Then when I get up in the morning, I bump it up to 65 degrees. Takes about 20 minutes for the temperature to stabilize. Note that 65 on the heater thermostat is really about 60 degrees at chest level in my garage (11 foot ceiling), so that's cool enough to be crisp when you walk out, but perfectly comfortable (if not down right enjoyable) once you get warmed up.

    The heater has a timer feature too, so you can set it for up to 9 hours so that it shuts off automatically. I've recently tried NOT turning it on overnight, and the garage temp in the morning was in the low 50's. Still, it warmed things up to 65 in 20-30 minutes, though the steel is still a bit colder when doing it that way.

    Anyway, thought I'd share. Below is a link to the heater I purchased, along with a picture of it in the corner of my garage. Well worth the investment for garage warriors.

    Click image for larger version

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