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  • Powerbuilding mod question

    Hello BBM,

    I’m on week 10 of the hypertrophy I template. I have been cutting on this program and am down 11lbs so far. I am looking to start the powerbuilding next week as my cut is just about done...5-9lbs more and I’m done cutting.

    My question is.. day 2 has options for SSB squats, leg press, belt squat (which I don’t have access too) or HBBS. Ive been doing leg press and SSB squats in this last block. Looking to do something different for the first part of this block. I have access to a hack squat machine (goes to the butt not to the shoulders) and a V-hack squat machine. Which of those to would you think would be a good variation. Just not trying to do the same continuous thang every block... need to switch it up. A pic below is the hack squat machine i have access too. Thanks BBM!

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    I would do hack squats or hatfield squats if you wanted to spice it up
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