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Run or weight vest for zone work?

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  • Run or weight vest for zone work?

    Hello guys and gals. I've been doing some 70% cardio work once or twice a day for a few weeks to build a base. Either by jogging or mowing my lawn at a good pace. Just low intensity stuff; no work over about 70% unless my heart rate gets there during a set of squats or something. Well, it came back quickly. I'm to where I have to start running, rather than jogging/power walking, to keep around a 70% heart rate. I'm wondering what your thoughts are on adding a weight vest/plate carrier v. just going faster? I'm not in it for speed, and am inclined to think that going faster will require more recovery and increase injury potential.

    Thank you for your time and your informative site.


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    I would not wear a vest for cardiorespiratory training, as it tends to shift emphasis from the cardiorespiratory system to the muscular endurance arena.

    I would disagree that going faster requires significantly more recovery or increases injury potential to a task you're already adapted to.

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