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Revised question on Wednesday Squat movement

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  • Revised question on Wednesday Squat movement

    So I started Strength and Conditioning template so I apologize for the flurry of questions ahead if time..

    My back is feeling good now but in the past I’ve had issues with on/off lower back spasms and flare ups..I’m concerned with two barbell based squats in the same week. I was thinking about trying barbell front squats or barbell front squats to box . I’ve never done barbell front squats before needless to say it’s very awkward when I played around with them. Should I start light and stick with them or use belt squat or Dumbbell Goblet squat. I do have a belt specifically for doing hip belt squats. Alternatively would you recommend even any other movement such as lunges on Wednesday. I was confused on why there are 4 different squat variation drop down boxes to pick variations but only two squat says on the weekly schedule

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    Hello again! Good to see you jumping right into this template.

    First I'd propose that you should go into the template and your training planning to squat well and NOT have low back problems. You have a program here that provides you with tools to moderate the load (using RPE), and the overall training stress and volume is designed to be something quite doable. So don't shoot yourself in the foot before you even start. :-)

    The exercise selection tabs in this template allow you to make some choices. You can alter the 2 existing squat variations by picking options in the list. There are 4 choices because the squat options marked #2 will be for the 2nd half of the template. So based on what you have shared here, if you want to keep the regular squat on day 1, you have multiple options for day 3, the belt squat and box squat being in that list of 9 options. You'll want to choose one, but unless you start this program with an open mind about your back, use RPE to regulate the land, and THEN have back pain that needs to be managed, I would not suggest starting off with things like lunges or goblet squats. Those would be alterations to be used if the movements provided don't work.


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      Thank you for the feedback. I agree, the Goblet squat and lunges would probably be my work around movements only if needed. I might give the barbell front squat more of a chance and try to get used to it. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.. If anything, the anterior loading might be better for lower back..