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Leg press question for Hypertrophy 2 program.

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  • Leg press question for Hypertrophy 2 program.

    Another question,

    for the Hypertrophy 2 program leg press is programmed. I have a leg press but am limited by the weight I can put on (meaning there isn’t enough weights in my gym not that I can’t lift it) would I be right in equating volume by manipulating reps? So instead of doing 12 @6,7,8 I do more reps with what weight I have and try to equal the total volume I would be getting if I had enough weight? I’m guessing on my 12rm since I am unable to actually guess it.

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    You could do the following:

    1) Up the rep range to something of equivalent relative intensity, e.g. [email protected] 6, 18 @ 7, 18 @ 8
    2) Alter the tempo to make it more difficult
    3) Add a pause
    4) Do it with 1 leg at a time
    5) pick a different movement
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      I added a 3-0-3 tempo...made the weight I do have match the prescribed RPE. Glad I was on the right path, I think I’ll run won’t that until the weight all becomes @6 again and then add reps.