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Question regarding powerlifting 2 program.

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  • Question regarding powerlifting 2 program.

    So I just started the powerlifting 2 program and now am on week 2. Against my better judgment i took a sneak peek into the last few weeks of the program and noticed there is no overhead pressing for the last several weeks. Since the overhead press is not a contested lift in powerlifting I'm not too concerned with a bit of a dip in overhead strength as I know it will quickly come back once I add them back in, but I am admittedly a bit worried about losing some of the muscle mass I've built up in my shoulders as I am at least somewhat interested in looking "aesthetic". Am I likely to notice a loss in size in my delts or is the high bench volume likely to help maintain most of what I've gained?

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    Yes, this particular template does peak you for a test in the 3 main lifts of DL, Squat, and Bench, so the press is less of a priority. However you still have plenty of arm and shoulder work with the bench variations and the weekly arm work. You should not lose the gainzzz in your arms, if anything does "happen" you could lose the skill of pressing, by just a tiny bit, since you won't be specifically doing it. But even that will come back again when you start pressing again.