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Deadlifting / Backpain / RPE

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  • Deadlifting / Backpain / RPE

    I wrote to Dr Feigenbaum on Instagram about being new to the novice strength progression and new to RPE. I don’t know if it’s an issue with form or just sensitive to higher reps but when I perform the deadlift at 8 reps for 6 7 and 8 rpe it’s significantly harder for me to do than it is on the days where I pull for 4 reps at 8 rpe...for example last Friday I pulled 285 for 4 at 8 rpe and probably could have done 300 with no problem but today I did 240 for 8 reps and it really bothers my lower back. What should I do?

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    Hi Brandon,
    Welcome and great to hear that you're on the Beginner's Template. I assume that working sets of 8-10 reps are a bit new, and therefore I wouldn't worry about this. I'd use a weight for the @8 sets that you can tolerate, holding your back position and simply giving yourself some time to adjust to the volume. I suspect that you'll see things improve pretty steadily.


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      Thank you Leah !