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When should I skip workouts due to "injury"

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  • When should I skip workouts due to "injury"

    2nd week of your strength program I was prescribed to do 1 rep at rpe 8

    It was 315 on the squat, which is the heaviest I touched but my e1rm is about 340. I went down, intended on going to parallel, but the weights inertia pushed me deeper than I expected. No issue, I just adjusted my knees back out and pushed up very explosively against the weight, it felt seriously easy.

    The issue is that directly under my bottom left rib is now really irritated, and Instantly sore. I don't know if my belt jammed into it or if my abdominal pressure was too much against it.
    The pain happens when I take a deep breath, or twist left only. Laying on it is pretty uncomfortable, and it's a dull pain. I didn't feel anything during the squat.

    I want to deadlift, and feel that I "can" but I also felt like I could do 3 more sets of 20 on squats after doing 3 sets of 20, and injured my upper back before - I'm too willing to push myself into an injury, since I don't respect my fatigue levels and can't rely on them to communicate anything to me. Generally I attribute fatigue to me being weak minded, and can't tell when I'm actually working too hard. Same with this potential "injury" I have no way to regard it. I feel inclined to do whatever I want and change nothing about my programming right now.

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    While it's really hard to diagnose what happened from here, it doesn't sound like something we'd recommend skipping workouts over. Just do what you can, stick to the RPE, and if things get worse you may need to be evaluated by a medical professional.

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