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    On Austin's advice I recently went to the doctor regarding proteinuria, after getting some tests this seems to be be benign, however, I am hypertensive (140/70 on average). Along with a script for Ramipril, my primary care physision recommended doing some HIIT, citing evidence that it's better than LISS for blood pressure control and that it encourages other metabolic adaptions that LISS doesn't (improved mitochondrial function was one that was mentioned).

    I've been combing this forum as well as Jordans old posts over at SS, and it seems like cardio recommendations have evolved over time and you're no longer recommending HITT? Is this correct? I note in particular one post where Austin says the effects of HITT are largely overstated.

    Anyway, it would be great to get summary of your current thinking, the evidence, and where the different modalities might be useful. This could make a great podcast or article, but even a few dot points here would be great.


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    Thanks for the post and glad to see you followed up with your doctor.

    As far as HIIT vs LISS:

    1) On average, they are equivalent with respect to health outcomes like weight loss, blood pressure lowering effect, glucose control, etc.
    2) I still think HIIT can be used as part of a training program, but I also think that people should do LISS as well.
    3) In short, I think people should do both.
    4) Biggest things for blood pressure with regards to modifiable risk factors include weight loss if overweight/obese, exercise (dose-dependent relationship between volume and blood pressure lowering effect independent of intensity), smoking cessation, decreasing alcohol intake, and treating sleep apnea.

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