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    Greetings Coaches, I have a question about the first lift on day 3 of the new oly program. I'll use week 2 as the example. The template says 1 x EMOM x 12:00 (start at 73%). Does this mean we start at 73% of our max and keep adding weight every rep, or put 73% on the bar and do all reps with that? Also, what is the best way to calculate max? If I worked up to 46 kg on the first day, is it 1 rep at 46 kg to calculate max, or 13 reps at 46 kg?

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    Thanks for the post. We would recommend adding weight every 2 successful attempts. I don't think there's a good way to calculate a 1RM for the Olympic lifts based on rep work. So, I would recommend using the heaviest jerk you've ever done as your 1RM.

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