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A question about bench press form

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  • A question about bench press form

    Hi BBM, I have recently noticed that when I bench I am very imbalanced and for some reason my left arm is always higher than my right arm, as you can see in the pictures. I have tried a few different of setting up my arch and no matter what I do I seem to always have this imbalance. I also significantly lowered the weight to try and focus on the technique and that still didn't seem to help (I always the bar in the same place with both hands, so it is not a matter of one arm being further out than the other). If you have a look in the pictures you can see that at the bottom of the movement my right forearm is perpendicular to my upper arm, though my left forearm is slightly further out. Also, in the other photo you can clearly see that the bar isn't straight and that my left hand is further up than my right hand. It also seems to me that there is also a slight imbalance with he positioning of my legs. Any tips about how I can fix this problem?

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    It kind of looks like you're not straight on the bench, but not by a whole bunch. I wouldn't actually do anything about this other than train. It'll likely go away as you become more trained. If it doesn't, I wouldn't worry about it anyway.
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