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  • Some Beginner Template Questions

    Just started Beginner Template today. The only other beginner program I am intimately familiar with is SSLP. I have a few questions.
    1. Is it correct that Deadlift sets have only 2-3 min rest in between them vs. 4-5 minutes like everything else? This is very strange to me since I am used to 7-10 minutes rest and just one heavy set on DL, but that is fine, I like the change of pace and just wanted to make sure this was not a typo or my mistake.
    2. I sometimes train with powerlifters, and plan to compete later on when I have developed more strength. Is it ok to use the max grip width allowed in competition, and a pause like in competition, or would you recommend a closer grip and touch and go?
    3. I saw a movie on Netflix recently called Westside Vs. The World. They mentioned all of their totals increasing once they started using bands and chains due to the fact that the accommodating resistance makes the exercise harder where you have more of a mechanical advantage. I was thinking, once I am no longer making good progress on this template, of restarting the beginner template and swapping out all main lifts for the same lifts using bands so that I can get as strong as possible on the banded variations of the movement. What are your thoughts on this? Would it be a waste of time, with me better served by moving on to an intermediate template and doing banded lifts as assistance work?


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    Thanks for the post!

    1) On the days deadlifts are not prioritized, e.g. the higher rep days, yes, this is correct. We would not recommend 7-10 minute rest periods during training.
    2) It doesn't matter. Wider grip isn't necessarily better. It's more personal preference. I made a video discussing this:
    3) This would be ill-advised, as the programming needs to be adjusted. Also, note that there are only less than a handful of top-level raw powerlifters using Westside. It's not the preferred programming methodology, though they (Westsiders) cannot even define what Westside is, so there's that.

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