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  • RDL/Rows

    Hey gang,
    i did the 4 weeks of the free “beginner prescription” and I feel confident in moving onto the next phase of the recommend beginner template. I have a few questions; first being in regards to RDL’s, how should I judge an estimated 1rm. Is it a certain percentage of your 1rm conventional?
    Second - is doing lever rows better than one arm dumbell rows? Does it matter!
    and lastly the first four weeks of this program are identical to the beginner prescription, is that the same thing and the next 8 weeks are continuing or should I start with week 1 again?

    sorry for the long message I appreciate all you guys

    Brandon D

  • #2

    Thanks for the post and glad to hear you liked the Beginner Prescription.

    We don't recommend judging an e1RM for RDL's or other unfamiliar exercises, but rather using the RPE to determine the load.

    Additionally, no meaningful difference between lever rows and DB rows.

    Finally, we would have you start phase 2 on the Beginner Template.

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