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  • Bench Only Peak Template?


    I have used the Novice Template with good success, i feel back in may for a "mock meet" to test my maxes (thanks for the free templates btw )

    I want to compete in my first meet in about 5 weeks, but it's Bench-only. Bench is feeling good, so why not? Experience is experience, as I want to compete in full power as well.

    Question: Do you think it would be a good idea to use the Novice Peaking Template again, but take ~10% the intensity for the Squat&Deadlifts in order to not get unnecessarily fatigued, but still keep in decent shape for them after the meet?
    Extra Q: Should I try adding one more set on the benches if fatigue+ recovery allow for it in the first 2 weeks?

    Stats: Male, 26yo, 180cm, 100kg,
    Bench PR: 115kg 4 reps @RPE 10

    Thank you

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    Good luck at your first meet. Sounds like a blast

    I think you could use the last two weeks of the slow peak template for this bench-only meet. I would not change anything about your squats or deadlifts except for skipping them for the 4-5 days preceding the meet. I also wouldn't add more bench work at this time, no.

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