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  • Order of training templates

    Hy! Im 30 years old, 5'9'' 189lbs. Bf about 10-14%.
    Been lifting for 4 years but never got too far (531,bodybuilding stuff..)
    In 2017 after mononucleosis I started with starting strenght, after that I did Andy Bakers HLM.
    In 2018 my goal is to get as strong and jacked, in 2019 I want to compete in powerlifting meet.
    I'm currently finishing the bridge, and I'm very pleased with progression, excellent program!

    1. I bougth hypertrophy gpp template, bridge 2.0 and 12 week strength template. In which order with this templates you suggest to go after bridge 1?
    2. What bodyweight should I aim for?

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    There are multiple suggested template progressions listed in the templates you bought, depending on someone's goals. But you might do something like Bridge 2.0, 12WS, GPP, then 12WS again, or Bridge 2.0, GPP, 12WS.

    Anytime someone asks us how much they should weigh, our answer is - how strong do you want to be? The stronger/more competitive you want to be, the heavier you'll likely need to get. At your current age/height/weight and BF (assuming that's accurate), you should probably fill out the 198 lb / 93 kg weight class and do your first meet there.
    IG / YT


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      Why not do you first meet this year? Going into your first meet without a bunch of expectations can be a good thing, IMO. You'll get experience as to how meets work and it will give you lifts to beat the next time you're on the platform.