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    In hypertrophy 1 template you program the sumo deadlift as opposed to conventional, is there a reason behind this? Does sumo deadlift have a more direct correlation with hypertrophy response?
    thank you

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    Hey Brandon.

    Thanks for the post

    I programmed in Sumo Deadlift for this slot (which is also modifiable) as it likely represents a different pull for most folks who are using the template. In short, if someone is using the hypertrophy template for an off-season program (e.g. off season powerlifter) and they normally pull conventional, then I'd have them do a different pull here for the program. Conversely, if someone pulled sumo normally, I'd have them pull conventional if they were able to.

    That being said, I don't think it matters much overall outside of potentially improving adherence, motor learning, and motivation by varying the movement. The hypertrophy potential is similar between the two with no real advantage for one over the other outside of personal preference.

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