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Loaded carries / farmer's walk

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  • Loaded carries / farmer's walk

    Hey Docs,

    I want to hear your opinions on this topic. They seem to be a very good core-stabilization exercise, and it really reinforces good posture and the purpose of the core as a stabilizer.
    You also have a few variables you can change to either go for more conditioning or more static strengthening of the abs/low back. Distance, weight, rest periods etc. They can also train grip strength.

    I only see benefits to be honest, but I rarely see people doing them. I was planning on doing them with moderately heavy dumbbells/plates and walk 30 seconds x 3 sets after my deadlift workout, once a week.

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    They are useful for strongman-style training, where they represent a competitive event.

    However, we see a less favorable risk / benefit profile for someone who is focused on strength, is already training the barbell lifts, and is therefore already receiving "core stabilization" and grip strength stimuli. As for conditioning, we have discussed our preferred conditioning modalities elsewhere. The effort used for performing farmers walks could otherwise be used to train more squatting or pulling, or directed into a better conditioning exercise.

    Of course, if you just enjoy doing them, go for it.
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