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  • Rpe

    Hi. You prescribe e.g [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] x4 sets. I got tired one day from the gym and when I did bench press after squats, the first set felt like a 6, I added a little weight and that felt like a 7, then added again and it felt like a 8. The other 3 sets I had to remove weight since they no longer felt like 8’s. Is this okay?

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    It depends on exactly what you did in that situation. You might have been fine, you might have taken weight off excessively or inappropriately.

    Additionally, Leon, you have posted 6-7 new threads between the Q&As in the past two days (in addition to DM messages), and it feels like you are posting a new thread for every fleeting thought or new issue that arises in your training. That is not what these forums are for. If you are having this much difficulty, you might just need some coaching.
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