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  • Hypertrophy I or II


    I am currently finishing up the old 7 week 4 day hypertrophy/GPP bias template. The initial plan was to use this period as a weight loss block, but that didn't exactly work out the way I had planned due to not adhering to my diet plan (although I did see solid strength and muscle size improvements). My current plan is to use the new 10 week hypertrophy templates as weight loss blocks. Would the crew suggest I start with hypertrophy I, or jump straight to hypertrophy II, as its a 4 day a week program as well?


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    If you can train for 4 days a week, I'd have you do the hypertrophy II template

    Let us know how it goes and see if you can get a friend to lose weight with you. Might help the ol' adherence.

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