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12 Week Strength Formatting

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  • 12 Week Strength Formatting

    I just finished Week 5 of the 12 Week Strength Template, and my meet is 9 weeks away. With 2 extra weeks in there to fill I was planning on repeating Week 3+4 of the Developmental Block before moving onto Week 6 and continuing onward to my meet, but wanted to hear your opinion on whether I should instead repeat Weeks 4+5 in order to have a Low Stress Week right before I head into the Specialization and Sports Form blocks. My line of thinking was that I wouldn't have accumulated enough stress and fatigue to rationalize taking another Low Stress Week that soon, but would love to hear your more intelligent and nuanced thoughts on it.

    Thanks and may the GainzZz be with you.

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    I'd repeat weeks 3 and 4 in this case, then take the low stress week and carry on.
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