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Poor RPE Gaging

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  • Poor RPE Gaging

    This is a topic that you touch on in any of your resources that discuss RPE. I understand that it takes practice and being honest with yourself. However let me give you a real example and ask a couple more in depth questions. Maybe this is something others have experienced:

    I am going through the Bridge for a 2nd time.
    I use RPE but also try to get close using your chart and my estimated 1RM. In my most recent lift I was doing squat [email protected] 6, 7, 8. On my second set, I was doing 315 for what i thought was RPE 7 or 8.
    Since I wasn't sure, and had been wondering about if my intensities were off, I decided to do a max set at 315 and see what happens. much to my surprise i did [email protected] So obviously I have probably been a little low with my intensities at times, but also I feel like my performance is varying. Is there a better way for me to do a sanity check from time to time to see if I am in the ball park?

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    Se we would NOT suggest doing an AMRAP set like this to gauge your RPE. It is likely that you have been working under the RPE, but that is also indicated in the note of 315 being 7 or 8. For an RPE 8 set, you should have 2 more reps left in you. That means it is tough, it's heavy, but your form is generally on point, and you are not grinding out those reps because you would be able to do two more but ONLY 2 more. You might benefit from taking some video, as you might see that what you thought was RPE 8 moves just as well as your RPE 7.

    So based on this, you know that you can bump up your working weights now and then the goal is to keep adding weight to the bar each week, while using RPE. If you are doing that, you are making progress.