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12 Week Strength Template - E1RM for supplemental lifts

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  • 12 Week Strength Template - E1RM for supplemental lifts

    Hi all,

    Currently on week 5 of the strength template ( de-stress week) and had a query regarding rpe for supplemental lifts. Currently for any variation, I have been using my E1RM for my main lifts as the basis for my weight selection. Should I be adjusting this so that each movement has a different E1RM due to ranges of motion being longer/shorter etc?

    Take for example 5-3-0 squat for 8 x 3 sets at rpe 7,8 and 9 with my main lift E1RM as 150kg so the weights being 105kg,110kg and 115kg, should I have an E1RM closer to 120-125kg due to the increased time under tension? thinking along similar lines for paused deadlifts.

    Your help is appreciated.

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    There's no set relationship we can give you for the supplemental lifts in relationship to the comp lifts, so the best thing to do is to use RPE to warm up with any new lift, setting your working weight and then increasing the weight from session to session as RPE dictates. But if you were to figure out your e1RM for the supplemental lifts, it would indeed vary from the comp lifts.