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After 7 Week GPP?

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  • After 7 Week GPP?

    Entering the last two weeks of the GPP hypertrophy bias and looking for something to fill the gap in the next 4 weeks before a one week vacation.

    The program has worked great for my intended goals of losing weight while maintaining strength(8 lbs.and 2 inches of the waist down and no loss of strength that is discernible)

    Would love to continue on this path of weight loss while maintaining strength and muscle as much as possible.If anything fat loss would be preferable seeing how my waist hovers around that 40 inch mark.So redo the last 4 weeks of GPP/Hypertrophy bias program or something else?

    Age 52 DL 385X5
    Weight 251 Bench 250lbx5
    Height 6'3 Squat 300lbx5

    Thank you in advance for your response and wonderful content you provide.Indy D

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    I'd just do the first 4 weeks of the program again and reduce calories
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      Thank you,a quick general follow up question if you will.

      As one cuts calories in hopes of losing fat at as little expense of muscle and strength as possible is it best to keep the majority of the lifts with the compound movements?

      I ask because the conventional wisdom and what I observed in gyms is people forgoing the compound lifts for more isolation exercises,with more sets and reps, accompanied by more cardio and further reduction of calories.The idea that they are "cutting" My personal experience before gaining enlightenment from sources such as barbell Medicine was I would indeed lose weight,but my loses in size and strength would accompany it.Basically resulting in a smaller version of what I was.


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        Continuing to do the lifts you want to be strong at, using sufficient training volumes, is going to be the best way for you to maintain as much strength as possible in those lifts.
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