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Currently Concurrent; what do?

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  • Currently Concurrent; what do?

    I'm currently running a 12 week strongman program using concurrent periodization. I have an upper/lower max effort movement, thought typically it's in the 3-5 rep range, and a dynamic effort day for each as well. I try to improve conditioning by using supersets and giant sets. I typically work with reduced rest intervals. I would say that conjugate/concurrent periodization uses autoregulation, so that's not new to me. I've been training for about 3 years now, and I want to try RTS/BBM style of programming. I do not have a meet planned right now, but I am interested in doing one if I can find one that is convenient. Which of your templates would you recommend in this case? I know conjugate is a broad characterization, so I will say that I typically do 4-5 exercises after my main movement as accessories. Judging by what I saw when I downloaded "The Bridge" I think my training volume tends to run high.

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    I'd suggest the Powerlifting II template in this case

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      Thanks for the quick reply. I'm really surprised that you chose the powerlifting template for a strongman. Seeing as how I don't bench at all. I'm still down to try it though. Thanks for the advice.