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  • Modified Bridge?

    I am a 38 year-old male. I have just finished (I think) SSLP yesterday. My progress is as follows after 13 weeks:

    Squat 175-->330
    Deadlift 215-->360
    Press 90-->138
    Bench 165-->213
    Power Clean 95-->145 (yeah I suck at these)

    I have stalled at all my lifts except for deadlifts which is still feeling great. I want to begin the Bridge on Monday and I was wondering if I should do the pulls as programmed or if I should follow SSLP for those movements to keep milking those novice gains.

    And thank you for all your videos on YouTube. I discovered you guys a few weeks ago and have been devouring your content in my spare time.

    If you need more information about me:
    232 pounds--45-inch waist (I know after watching your videos that I need to slim this down immediately)
    Typically sleep 4-5 hours before I train in the early morning. There's nothing I can do about that right now, and what am I going to do? Not train?

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    We would recommend following the Bridge as written. Your deadlift can still increase linearly on the Bridge program if there's more potential there. We'd recommend sticking to the RPE over any specific weight, however.

    Glad to hear you're getting your training in!

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