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looking for template to compliment 3 day hypertrophy

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  • looking for template to compliment 3 day hypertrophy

    Hi again. I bought the 3 day hypertrophy plan a while back and had to modify it to a two day (took out the second day) due to time restrictions. But I wanted to have an alternate plan to mix it up after a few months to keep my hypertrophy going. My main goal is to add muscle for my old age, and to keep fit for running. I do twice a week barbell training (hypertrophy template days 1 and 3) and I go running twice a week (LISS). what would you recommend I get as a second template? I thought maybe the endurance one would make sense since I do have goals of improving my 10k run time in the spring. But a good 1RM squat and deadlift would also make me happy one day

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    If hypertrophy is your goal, I would add the 2nd day in. If you're looking for more specific conditioning work and not hypertrophy, the endurance template is you. If you're looking for 1RM strength improvement, Strength I would be the template.

    If I had to pick two options for you...I'd pick Powerbuilding I or adding in the 2nd day of the Hypertrophy template.
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