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    Hey BBM team,
    Finally decided to run your strength 1 template.

    any advice on what order I should run these templates after doing strength 1 ?

    Hypertrophy 1, powerbuilding 1, general s/c and strength 1

    these are templates I want to cycle just want to know what order to do them in and if I should run any multiple times before moving to the next template ?

    thanks in advance.

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    HI Cole,
    I believe that Jordan has already suggested you cycle these temples. But you will need to complete a template and THEN assess your progress before you'll know whether to repeat it. If you did well, you can do it again. Doing the Hypertrophy template after the strength template would be a good start. And it's not really going to matter the order, the goal will be to keep training, stay motivated and interested, keeping an eye on progress, and you may find that which one to do next become clearer with time, training experience, and new goals.