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  • Meet prep after layoff

    I've been training consistently for several years, and since discovering BB Medicine I've completed The Bridge 1.0, the 12-week strength template, and was starting the 7-week hypertrophy template when my training was interrupted by several weeks of travel for work. So after that long layoff I thought it would be a good idea to use the new Beginner Template to get back on track. I'm on week 6 now.

    So, I'm planning to enter a USAPL meet on December 14 and was wondering how best to prepare for it. I've downloaded the 3-week peaking program and my tentative plan is to continue with the Beginner template for the next few weeks and then switch to the peaking template, either the novice peak or the advanced fast peak. Would you recommend one over the other--novice peak or advanced fast peak? I'm a masters 3 lifter, 93 kg, and this would be my 3rd USAPL meet.

    Lastly, after the meet, would you recommend resuming the Beginner Template where I left off, or would I be better off going with something like Power Building 1 or 2?

    Thanks for all the great information you provide--you've completely changed my approach to training.

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    Thanks for the kind words and we're looking forward to seeing how you do at this meet!

    I think if you're on the Beginner Template right now I would just run that until you're 2 weeks out from the meet. Then I would do the last 2 weeks of the fast peak template, but only 3x/wk instead of the prescribed 4.

    I would go back to the Beginner Template after the meet if you were having good results with it!

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      Thanks very much, Jordan.