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Who is the excel wizard at BBM?

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  • Who is the excel wizard at BBM?

    Hi there,

    I was curious. Who is the excel wizard that has made the training templates? Jordan?

    Any recommended book(s) or course(s) where you learned the ins-and-outs? I'm a software engineer by trade but sometimes good ol' excel can't be beaten. I'm just pitiful with it.

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    Yea I made these spreadsheets (with the exception of the newest nutrition logger) based on some YouTube tutorials along with trial and error. I don't have any recommended resources, unfortunately.
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      Youtube, Googling the specific question (ie index match match, or conditional format X, usually brings you to a forum where someone else had the same problem and you'll find a solution - and also just practice. Every sheet i make is better than the last - much like skill proficiency in practically everything. Start somewhere, and titrate that shit up.