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Probably overthinking it, but just need reassurance for a peace of mind.

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  • Probably overthinking it, but just need reassurance for a peace of mind.

    Good morning ya'll,

    If you need more info, I'm happy to provide.

    I just purchased the Powerlifting II template to prepare for my first PL meet happening in January. I'm pretty pumped for the next 13 weeks and already started the first week this Monday. Yesterday however, I failed my 3rd top set of DL w/ belt 1 rep away. On the fourth rep, it honestly felt like an 8.5 but I kicked the bar too forward on the way back down leading it to be pretty far from my legs so when I tried to pull it up, I couldn't. so I just made it a [email protected] (I'll be smarter with my weight selection next time)

    Next week my singles will become incorporated into the block. I was coming off a mild hamstring strain for quite a while. I ran the legacy 4 day hypertrophy template normally 2.0 back in July - Start September. By that time, I repeated it with modifications and modified 5 weeks of it with load and volume management due to a slight flare up in my hamstring area (pain about 3/10) and slowly titrating it back up to baseline performance. During those 5 weeks, I was able to keep symptoms under control, all activities both in and out of the gym were tolerable and I can tolerate symptoms. Overall the pain during those 5 weeks was 0.5 -1 /10. As of today the pain from W1D1 to now is definitely tolerable with miniscule symptoms, and the way I describe the symptoms from the week 5 weeks is about the same.

    My question is how should I should I approach next week? My plan is just to keep calm, relax and go in for my planned single based off the calculator from [email protected] and go from there OR I may just work up to a [email protected], then work up to [email protected] the week afterwards, depending how I feel next week. It's been a LONG time since I've been able to train like this so I haven't been used to lifting heavier weights, so I'll be smarter next time. With the rehab process which started in January, the help of the consult from pain&rehab specialists, the content you guys put out, being patient and embracing the process, I feel much more confident with training and keeping my symptoms under control. If symptoms begin to get worse, I'll know how to approach, but for now I was hoping I can get an input on my plan for next week and if you'd adjust anything or not. Thank you all!


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    Thanks for the post and information. An early good luck at your meet as well

    In any event, I would not use the calculator to pick your weights for any workouts. Rather, the calculator gives you ball park numbers to shoot for that you'll suss out during the session based on feedback from your warm ups.

    I would recommend being fairly conservative this early in a training block, as there's no benefit to overshooting or being aggressive at this point. I also would not adjust programming, as I don't think there's much to say from 1 week of programming (a planned low stress week) in general, and also because the program is changing next week.

    Hopefully that makes sense. You'll be fine. Carry on!

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      It does.

      Thanks so much for the quick reply. Wish nothing but the best for the seminar in Boston!