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Planning out some goals

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  • Planning out some goals

    Hey there coaches, I have 3 hopefully quick questions for you. I am gonna give a little bit of back ground to help with answering.
    So I am 25 years old 5'6.25 and anywhere from 176-182lbs at 23% Body fat.( Currently running the bridge @Maintenance following Jordans advice)
    My current goals are
    a) continue to get stronger and eventually compete in PL around 181lbs after I graduate from college in May
    b) eventually(whenever is the most optimal time to address this) fix this body fat ratio I am currently at.
    My current 1rm estimations from the bridge are as follows(from week 4, so far progress is good)
    SQ=350lb,DL=410lbs, OHP=135lbs, BP=205lbs

    Some brief background and my questions, when I graduate in May I have to go to a geology field camp in Wyoming for 5 weeks, I know the schedule will roughly be 3-4 days on and 2-3 days off. On my off days I plan to go to town and train.

    1.) With my current lifts goals and BF% in mind what kind of training and caloric sistuation would you suggest I do after I finish the bridge pre field camp.
    2.) When I graduate in May and have to go to this field camp how would you suggest I structure my training to keep making progress or maitiain until I get back.
    3.)If not after the bridge, when should and how should I address my goal of fixing this BF raitio?

    Thanks for being such a big aid to me and others, can't wait till I can graduate and eventually make enough money to afford coaching.

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    Hey Williy,

    1) Your goals aren't really too disparate unless there is some time limit on one of the goals. I'm not sure I'd advise you to do anything other than eat at maintenance with moderate to high protein and train your ass off.
    2) Progressively add more stress as you need it to drive training progress as measured by objective outcomes and alter training stimulus when your sensitivity to said intervention wanes.

    Basically, you're asking us how we would coach you without enough background info and no dynamic inputs on how your respond to any intervention depends.
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      haha my bad Jordan, I was trying to be as brief as possible. I felt like this was probably outside the scope of the forum and more into the coaching realm. I would honestly much rather pay you for coaching, but I am not quite there just yet, hopefully soon. I just want to shed some of this short guy chub from the LP eventually. I will keep on as is and check in around graduation for the advice on how to train during this field camp.
      Thanks man